How can I make healthier choices when eating at a seafood restaurant with high-fat options?

When dining out at a seafood restaurant, it can
be difficult to make healthy choices, especially
when high-fat options like fried seafood are
readily available. However, with a few simple
tips and tricks, you can still enjoy a delicious
meal while making healthier choices.
Choose grilled or baked options
Instead of fried seafood, opt for grilled or
baked options. Grilling or baking seafood helps
to retain its natural flavors without the added
calories and unhealthy fats that come with
frying. Some great options include grilled
salmon, baked cod, or broiled shrimp.
Be mindful of portion sizes
Seafood portions can often be quite large at
restaurants, so it’s important to be mindful of
your portion sizes. Consider sharing an entrée
with a friend or taking half of your meal home
for later.
Avoid creamy or buttery sauces
Many seafood dishes are served with creamy
or buttery sauces that can be high in fat and
calories. Instead, ask for your seafood to be
served with a lighter sauce, such as a
vinaigrette or a squeeze of lemon.
Choose healthy sides
When choosing sides, opt for vegetables or a
salad instead of fries or other high-fat options.
Many seafood restaurants offer fresh and
flavorful salads that are packed with nutrients,
such as spinach or kale.
Limit your alcohol intake
Alcohol can add up quickly in terms of calories
and can also impair your judgment when it
comes to making healthy choices. Limit your
alcohol intake to one drink or opt for water or
unsweetened iced tea instead.
Ask for substitutions
Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions when
ordering your meal. For example, ask for
brown rice instead of white rice or a side of
fruit instead of potatoes. Most restaurants are
happy to accommodate these requests.
Skip the bread basket
Many seafood restaurants offer a
complimentary bread basket, but these carbs
can quickly add up in calories. Instead, ask
your server to skip the bread and bring out
your meal right away.
In conclusion, dining out at a seafood
restaurant can be a healthy and enjoyable
experience with a little bit of planning and
mindfulness. By choosing grilled or baked
options, being mindful of portion sizes,
avoiding creamy sauces, choosing healthy
sides, limiting alcohol intake, asking for
substitutions, and skipping the bread basket,
you can make healthier choices while still
enjoying a delicious meal.