How can I make healthier choices when eating at a steak house with high-fat options?

Steakhouses are known for their high-fat
options, which can make it difficult for those
trying to make healthier choices. However, it is
possible to enjoy a delicious meal at a
steakhouse while still making healthier
choices. Here are some tips to help you make
healthier choices when eating at a steakhouse
with high-fat options.
Choose lean cuts of meat
One of the most important ways to make
healthier choices at a steakhouse is to choose
lean cuts of meat. Some of the leanest cuts of
beef include sirloin, flank steak, and filet
mignon. These cuts are lower in fat and
calories than other options such as ribeye or
prime rib. Additionally, you can ask the chef to
trim any visible fat from your steak before it is
Skip the sauces
Many steakhouse dishes come with rich, highfat sauces that can add a significant number of
calories to your meal. If possible, ask for the
sauce to be served on the side so that you can
control how much you consume. Alternatively,
you can ask for your steak to be prepared
without sauce or with a lighter, healthier
sauce such as a vinaigrette or chimichurri.
Load up on vegetables
Steakhouse menus often feature a variety of
side dishes, many of which are high in calories
and fat. Instead of opting for traditional sides
like mashed potatoes or creamed spinach, try
choosing healthier options like grilled
vegetables or a side salad. Not only will this
help you get more nutrients into your diet, but
it will also help fill you up and prevent you
from overindulging in high-fat options.
Control your portion sizes
Steakhouse portions can be notoriously large,
so it’s important to control your portion sizes
to avoid overeating. You can ask the server to
bring you a smaller portion or ask for a to-go
box to take some of your meal home with you.
Additionally, you can share an entree with a
friend or family member to cut down on
calories and cost.
Don’t forget about hydration
Drinking plenty of water is essential for
maintaining good health, especially when
eating a high-fat meal. Be sure to drink water
throughout your meal to help you stay
hydrated and to help your body process the
food more efficiently. Avoid sugary drinks like
soda or cocktails, which can add unnecessary
calories to your meal.
In conclusion, making healthier choices at a
steakhouse doesn’t have to be difficult. By
choosing lean cuts of meat, skipping high-fat
sauces, loading up on vegetables, controlling
portion sizes, and staying hydrated, you can
enjoy a delicious meal while still making
healthy choices. With a little bit of planning
and mindfulness, you can make your next
steakhouse experience a healthy and satisfying